Tony Thielen

Tony Thielen

Littleton, CO, United States

About Tony Thielen


Tony’s inspiration to interpret the world around him comes from a nomadic upbringing. Having lived in various regions across the United States and abroad, Tony developed a sense of wonderment.

“When I was young, I was fascinated by the people I met and the places I lived. However, I have never been good at articulating my feelings, so I turned to art as a method of expression.”
Art ended up being sidelined by practicality and pressure for about 10 years after graduating high school. Tony served in the military, acquired a business degree and crunched numbers for several years before saying enough is enough.

“I realized, without art, I was living a lobotomized life. I lacked any form of expression. So I went back to school.”
Tony went on to become an award-winning Graphic Designer, Art and Creative Director. For 15 years he created commercial art that was designed to cut through the clutter and deliver messages on behalf of his clients' brands.

Having gone through the many constraints associated with the commercial art industry, Tony is now a fine artist without restraint. Using the skills he acquired through the years, Tony is once again expressing the world as he interprets it through his art.

Artist Statement

In my everyday life, and in my career, I have always been direct and to the point. I see no reason my art should be different. I am drawn to creating concise personal truths and interpretations of the people and places I paint. I want the viewer drawn in by my statement, only to leave with his or her own.


Schools & Artists:

2015-2018 Watts Atelier of Arts, Encinitas CA (online program)
2016-2017 Art Mentors' 8 & 10 Week Courses: Studied under Glenn Vilppu, Joseph Todorovitch, Mark Westermoe, Bill Perkins, Rey Bustos, Chris Legaspi
2018 Long and Short Figure Painting: Teresa Vito, Art Students League, Denver CO
2018 Beyond The Portrait: Andrea Kemp, Art Students League, Denver CO
2018 Napa En Plein Air: Bryan Mark Taylor, Scottsdale Artist School, AZ
2018 Studio Landscape Painting: Dan Young, Art Students League, Denver CO
2018 Figure Painting: Milt Kobayashi, Scottsdale Artist's School, AZ
2018 Construct Painting In Studio: Joseph Lorruso, Scottsdale Artist School, AZ
2017 The Artist's Sketchbook: Steve Huston, Art Mentors
2017 Design & Painting: Michael Carson, Scottsdale Artist's School, AZ
2017 Alla Prima Portraits: Anna Rose Bain, Art Students League, Denver CO
2017 Figure Drawing: Andrea Kemp, Art Students League, Denver CO
2017 Figure Painting Boot Camp: Steve Huston, Art Mentors
2016 Short Pose Figure Drawing: Steve Huston, Art Mentors

2013 MFA Advertising, AAU, San Francisco CA (incomplete)
2003 AAA Art Direction & Design, AIS, Seattle WA
1998 BS International Business, Excelsior College, Albany NY


2019 Main St. Art Festival, Ft. Worth TX
2019 Brookside Annual Art Festival, Brookside MO
2019 Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver CO
2019 Plaza Art Fair, KS MO


2018 Willow – An Artisan Market Featured Artist of July, Littleton CO
2018 SAS, The Best & Brightest Juried Show, Scottsdale AZ
2017 The Littleton Project, General Store 45, Littleton CO