Tomislav Suhecki

Tomislav Suhecki

Vrsac, Severni Banat, Serbia

About Tomislav Suhecki

I was born in 1950. I have finished fine arts academy in Belgrade and after that postgraduate studies, on the same academy. Independently, I have had over 100 exhibits. With other authors I have taken part in over five hundred exhibits and many of fine arts colonies.

I am an author of lot of exhibit reports, prefaces for fine arts catalogs and fine arts supplements. I have written many fine arts articles for well-known daily newspapers and magazines.

I have been a member of The Association Of Fine Arts Artist since 1980, and the art group "Pesak" since 1973.

I was a university professor in The Advanced School for Teachers.

I have about 20 fine arts rewards and acknowledgments.


Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade.
Postgraduate studies, Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade.


1997 - Cultural Center of Belgrade
1999 - Exibitions in Banska Bystrica Slovakia
2000 - Exibitions in Thessaloniki, Greece
2001 - Jewish University California, USA
2003 - Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, Slovakia
2003 - Fine Arts Exibition Konkordija, Vrsac
2004 - Art Gallery Space in toronto
2004 - City Gallery - Pálffy Palace in Slovakia
2005 - Serbian Cultural Center in Paris
2006 - National Gallery Resita, Romania
- Over 100 indepentand exibitions
- More then 500 exibitions with other artists.