Tiia Vissak

Tiia Vissak

Tartu, Estonia

About Tiia Vissak

For me, art is a game: I like to experiment with colors and shapes. I specialize in digital art and mostly use Gimp freeware. I just start from something (a blank screen or sometimes also a photo I have taken before) and "play" until I like the result. Still, I create my art pieces, not the software: I select colors, effects, areas on which to apply these effects, I also draw some lines and other shapes etc. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes hours or even days until I feel that it is ready.

So far, I have only managed to sell one print here (of "A blue globe" that you can see here: saatchiart.com/art/new-media-a-blue-globe/848953/3041867/view ).


I do not have formal art education (but I have a PhD in Economics as my main job is doing research on firms' internationalization) but I have learned through visiting museums, reading books, browsing websites and, of course, experimenting with my work.


I have published a couple of book and brochure covers in Estonia. Also, I published a photo in JPG Magazine in Issue 24, 2010 (http://jpgmag.com/people/tiiavissak/photos?filter_criteria=published ).

In 2015, I won The 2015 International Art Contest in the category of digital art (my winning image was at http://www.international-art-contest.com/art_contest_exhibit.asp?art=1776 but the website was closed in 2016). In 2014, I got a second place in the same contest.

I have also sold a few items at www.redbubble.com and I keep selling them there, so if you need a pillow, a T-shirt, a bag, a cup or something else (in total, it offers dozens of products per each artwork), check it out.


My newest photography can be found at http://jpgmag.com/people/TiiaVissak , some of my earlier experiments with art at http://www.art-3000.com/artist/?id=7183 and some of my earlier photos at https://www.fotoblur.com/people/tvissak

Also, some of my earlier photos (including some contest finalists and 2nd place winners) can be found from www.betterphoto.com