Renate Siedentopf

Renate Siedentopf

Landshut, Germany

About Renate Siedentopf

01.03.1962 I was born and bred in South Africa. Both parents were of German origin. 1990 I moved to Germany with my family and am living here since.I'm inquisitive, open minded, humoristic, like to inform myself and give things a thorough thought. I hate injustice and like to act accordingly in revealing my points of view.Born and bred in South Africa, I've experienced quite a lot of injustice to people and the experiences made me the person I am today. I am highly motivated to be successful in everything I do. A profound knowledge of human behaviour and inter cultural understanding has always been of great advantage to me.I love to create Collage on a non-profit base for everyone to enjoy and to share, underlining my poetry published in my blogs, as a present for special occasions or just as a surprise for family and friends.This is a way to express my inner emotions, feelings and a way to deal with arising problems. One could call it self therapy *smile* In some way, caring for my own emotional well being. The images used are photo images which I love to collect when wandering about with my camera. The right time, at the right place with my camera at hand and a mind full of ideas, life has supplied me with some beautiful occasions where I could capture some beautiful scenes and images.I also use my collage to underline my poems.The art we create, are an expression of ourselves through a medium and is a reflection of our inner soul.All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. - Eckhart Tolle -


I did my Senior Certificate in South Africa and then visited the University of the Orange Freestate in Bloemfontein for one year. 1990 I have left South Africa with my family and moved to Germany. I'm employed and the collage I create are just for fun and for everyone to enjoy.,