Tzachi Nevo

Tzachi Nevo

Tel Aviv, Israel

About Tzachi Nevo

My name is Tzachi Nevo, the designer and creator of the unique modern decorative wall decor brand Umasqu.

I graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’s Industrial Design department in 1990. Upon graduating, I was working as a product designer before going on to other adventures in the online marketing world. A few years back, during a rough time in my life, I realized it’s time to go back to a hands on product design, I suddenly felt the need to return to the studio, to the design process, to working with my own two hands with various materials and most of all I felt the need to create.

And so I did.

With my love to toys and games and with my inner child, my sense of humor and my general approach to life, I entered the studio and started my own brand of original wall decor and named it ‘Urban Masquerade’ which turned after two years to ‘Umasqu’.

I started with a line of creative modern abstract take of traditional wooden masks, I wanted to create a sort of intimacy with my clients, to spark an emotional connection between the piece and the viewer, the artwork and it’s owner. Each piece is different; inspired by a different theme, it can be a funny character I met, a book I read, a drawing, cartoons, comics etc. anything that sparks my imagination. Then I draw and sketch, I go into my studio and start the design process: pieces of wood are being laser cut, painted, then assembled in layers and glued together, to form a fantastic,artistic, humorist, colorful wooden wall decor.

Join me on my journey.


Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’s Industrial Design department 1990