Juan Vicente Urbieta Ruiz

Juan Vicente Urbieta Ruiz

Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco, Mexico

About Juan Vicente Urbieta Ruiz

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on November 10, 1961.


In the sweet, intimate and sometimes difficult encounter with my own self, I find it scrutinizing and stripping away what life constantly shows me.

I live in an exciting world full of sounds, images and feelings that invite me to ask myself what is behind this that I am living ... my transformation, recognizing, facing my fears and turning them into allies to transmute them into reasons to grow.

I am a traveler and I am in transit covered in this exciting human form; I see myself, looking through my sculpture, in a mirror, showing what worries me. I am not tied to anything or anyone, I am free to express in the way that pleases me and as I feel it. In the end it is a necessity of my being to which I respond and in doing so I enjoy my work, my sculptures feed me, my paintings nourish me, I like what they make out of me and they also give me the opportunity, finally, to leave a legacy in my way through this world.


Holds a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Administration from ITESO (Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West).

Develops his first artistic interests since he was 16 years old. In 1986 he lived for two years with an indigenous community in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, where he worked as a promoter of a carpentry workshop and wood carving.

In 1990 he traveled to the city of Barcelona, Spain, where he spent two years studying sculpture at the ATENEU DE CERDANYOLA and exhibiting his works in some galleries in Catalonia.

He returns to Mexico to continue expanding his knowledge in the Plastic Arts career at the Cabañas Cultural Institute, as well as studying different drawing & painting techniques with masters such as the known masters Emilio Galindo, Emilio Abugarade, José Barbosa, Gustavo Bustos, Irma Serna, the well-known Davis Birks, José Fors and others.

He has been teaching anatomical drawing and sculpture at the university level since 1993 at TEC de Monterrey in Guadalajara College, for three years and as a master of plastic arts for 8 years in different institutions of the same city.


In October 1991, he obtained the "Honorable Mention" with his bronze sculptural work "Awakening" at the Guadalajara Salon of October.

In 1999, he designed the first models of sculptural sources, which through the company IGNEA of Mexico, were promoted around the world.

In 2003, he presents his first "FREE" collection of reproductions of high reliefs and sculptures in bronze and resin under a figurative and surreal stile, in Mexico and Miami.

In 2006, he started working sculpture for urban projects and at the same time he made a change in his career with the transformation of his CONTEMPORARY work, creating a collection of abstract and minimalist stile of great sensitivity and color, called "THE DREAM OF CREATING ".

He has participated as promoter and sponsor for the support of foundations such as "For Children with Cancer" (health), "Save the Forest" (ecology), World vision (education) and supporting high performance athletes of CODE Jalisco (sports), among others.

From 2013 he starts working his collection "FIGURE AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE NEW CENTURY" of modernist figure and simultaneously also his collection "AWAKENING" of combined figure & abstract that speaks about several moments of the human being in a journey for the awakening of his conscience .

In 2014 a new collection began, inspired by the public opinion of different sectors of his society about the dreams, needs and fundamental values, as human beings; all of them represented in their "AWAKEN HANDS". This collection goes out to the public with its first 6 pieces in October of 2017 to continue working the following indefinitely.


From 1990 on, his work has been exhibited in more than 139 exhibitions around Mexico (28 states), United States (Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills and San Diego, California) Quebec and Montreal, Canada; Barcelona and Madrid Spain and last january 2019 in Milan, Italy under the representation of the Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid.

Currently, Juan Vicente Urbieta remains in his city of Guadalajara, working in his studio and showing his art work in his private gallery, developing new pieces for each of his collections, simultaneously, as well as other special urban projects and monumental sculptures.