Ursula Gnech

Ursula Gnech

Nordhorn, Niedersachsen, Germany

About Ursula Gnech

About Ursula Gnech
- https://www.ursulagnechinnordhorn.de -
I want to draw attention to the world with my art.

My enthusiasm for painting, which I began as a child, has intensified in the course of my life and has become a fascination for portraying and documenting something indicative, predominantly positive and individual with my art. I have my initially self-taught artistic handwriting with private studies as well as international ones Art painting trips (plein-air-watercolor), especially in Asia, intensified.

My artistic handwriting is predominantly characterized by an alienating expression and color deviation from reality (expressive), but also a modern mixture of classic impressionism and expressionism, each of which should lead to a unique result. In addition, I paint mostly spontaneously and chance often plays a role. During the implementation, I freed myself from artistic norms and developed my own artistic style.

My pictures are in oil, acrylic, watercolor painting and in mixed media technique as well as z. B. made using cement, gesso and ink, etc. However, I am still always interested and enthusiastic to constantly expand my previous knowledge, be it with new technology and experiments that inspire and fascinate me.

I especially love the use of colors that set beautiful accents and, in my opinion, create a dominant point of attraction on the picture.

A day without painting is often a lost day for me!
Enjoy my art, thank you very much for your attention
Ursula Gnech


Private art studies and continuous education with renowned artists from Europe as well as with artists from and in Asia.


Every new piece I created is an event for me!


Almost annual single exhibitions,
beginning with the year 2001 up to the present day.