Ursula Haug

Ursula Haug


About Ursula Haug

Ursula Haug was born in Germany and has lived in London since 1972

Ursula Haug's painting is explorative, experimental and playful. Her work is informed by her long career as a psychoanalytic therapist, and in her art, as in her work with people, she embraces diverse styles and subjects. She enjoys the playfulness, freedom and challenge of representing the three dimensional world in a two dimensional space. Her work is wry and intimate, born of close observation and awareness of the subject as object of contemplation.

Her profound interest in human nature and its passion and desire is represented in her paintings as non-verbal communication, which evokes a wealth of impressions and associations in the psyche of the viewer. Not surprisingly, some of her paintings grace the walls of analytic consulting rooms.

Her art work reflects her deep love of colour and texture and her passion of the process of painting as a transformational process, akin to alchemy. She is influenced by the old masters and aspires to continue the tradition of classic painting for a modern age.


Ursula Haug studied psychology, and later trained and worked as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She has studied painting,drawing and etching for over a decade and has been exhibiting her work since 2005.,