Valeria Golovenkina

Valeria Golovenkina

Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Valeria Golovenkina

I'm a self-taught artist.
My art carries what many people in big cities miss-the sun, the sea, the salty wind on their skin, the atmosphere of Mediterranean cities is relaxed and carefree, so the sea and water are the main subjects of my work.

I am endlessly inspired by color and light, and the glare, contrast, and reflexes make my heart race. I remember a phrase my dad said to me: "Never lose your taste for life."

I've been struggling with depression for several years and I want my paintings to help people cope with sadness and heavy emotions. I want to savor every bite, every emotion, every moment I've lived. This is what my marine art is about.


- Finalist of the competition "Muse must work" 2019-2020, the work was awarded a sponsor's prize.
- Finalist of the "Perspective of Watercolors" competition 2018
- Participant of the international watercolor Biennale "Castra 2019»
- Participant of the international watercolor Biennale "Kosovo 2019»
- "Dreams come true" exhibition in Moscow 2020
- Graphic Exhibition in Saint-Petersburg 2020

- Speaker at the creative festivals "it's Time to draw" and " Wake up day»
- For two years — a teacher of watercolor painting for adults in the Studio of St. Petersburg, worked individually and with groups of up to 45 people.

My works are in private collections in the USA, Europe, and Russia.