Vasko DeLev

Vasko DeLev

Ottawa, ON, Canada

About Vasko DeLev

- born in Bulgaria
- lives in Canada since 1990

Painting is a natural expression of his eclectic personality.

With an electrical engineering degree and a diploma in journalism, his early interest in art was a little unusual - he was fascinated by the power of personal computers and their promising application in visual arts. In the 90s he founded the "Bulgarian Society of Computer Art" and participated in various art forums in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Austria. Later he wrote the script for a documentary "Computers and Arts" and was part of a TV series "Electronic House" - both exploring the future of digital arts. In 1990 he attended the prestigious "International festival of computer animation" in Montreal and delivered a keynote speech on the esthetics of computer art.

Considering his early interest in digital arts, his paintings are rather traditional - paint on canvas. As a firm believer that "curiosity feeds the talent" he is not stuck in one style or one theme. He is equally happy to work on a landscape, a portrait, or a composition with lizard-like creatures, combining different techniques. Lately he is experimenting with images from classical paintings by giving them a modern spin, thus building a bridge between cultures in different time.


Participation. Oct 2 - Oct 14, 2016 : LaLande +Doyle Exhibition at Shenkman Art Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Participation. Aug 2017: Water/Seascapes Paintings - Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Participation. Nov 23 - Dec 12, 2019 Buz'Art2019 at Shakeman Centre in Ottawa, Ontario

Awards: Contemporary Art Gallery Online awarded the "Portrait of a woman" 2nd place in the 2019 Art Competition.