Boicu Marinela

Boicu Marinela

IASI, Romania

About Boicu Marinela

born 1960 Iasi, graduated the High School of Arts"Octav Bancila" Iasi class for painting,graphic arts,decorative painting.


University of Arts G. Enescu IASI,the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design '' There are no descriptive lines in the real life of bodies.Representation is the unpredictable consecquences of people over things, an it is related to the essential life and the permanent structure of the body. The description is an element of graphic representation and decoration the line only offers the direction of static forces and their rhythm in things. I want to restore life that exudes the look, gesture or expression of the mouth and facial muscles, be it so well expressed for each of us to recognize, not the being as it is in the world,only the real man with his experiences...Which he is often forced to hide ! "