Virginie Gallois

Virginie Gallois

Roubaix, France

About Virginie Gallois

A puddle, a mirror

I paint graphic and pictorial spaces.
Chaotic and/or organized microcosms, my landscapes reveal multitude, profusion. I describe a metaphorical world that seems to be emerging from the infinitely small. The notion of cycle, existence, nature, and strength of living organisms are the core of my work. I refer to the 4 elements of nature, however mostly to water that she uses as a prism through which it's possible to see differently. The definition of a chromatic scale can be a starting point, the puddle is always a beginning. Water distorts, water transforms; source of life, or death, it says everything and its opposite. Painting is for me an initiatory journey to the heart of life, it is an evidence, a proof of life. These landscapes are the reflections revealed by the magnifying lens of the puddle.
Sharing the work that results from this confrontation with the act of creating is for me exhilarating because it is one of the rare occasions of true meeting.


Ecole supérieure des Beaux Arts de Tourcoing :
DNSEP 2008
DNAP 2006

D.E.U.G Arts Plastiques
Université de LILLE (LILLE III) 2004



2019. Oekoumènes et autres espaces (Peintures) ,Galerie Place Ronde, Lille, France // 2018. Nuits et merveilles, La Nuit des Arts, Roubaix, France // 2017. paintings/Drawings, Endo Tourcoing, Tourcoing, France. // 2016. paintings/Drawings, Centre Hospitalier, Roubaix, 04/16-05/31, France. // 2008 . Hors-Limites (Painting, drawing and video), Tourcoing, France //2006 . Superpositions. (Paintings, vidéo), Tourcoing, France

2020. April-September :Paintings/Drawings, Galerie Maznel, Saint-Valery sur Somme, France //  2019. December : Nuits et merveilles II, Le marché rêvé, association Chez Rita et La Nuit des Arts, Roubaix, France / October : POAA with Le Plateau de la Verrière (paintings, drawings), Roubaix, France / January - August : Dessins et Peintures, Espace Dubart, Lille / May : Renk'Art with Le Plateau de la Verrière, galerie LaSécu, Lille, France / March : The Other Art Fair, (Drawings and paintings), London, GB // 2018. Dessins et Peintures, Espace Dubart, Lille /Color addict (Drawings and paintings), Galerie le 56, Nantes, France  //  2017. Dessins et Peintures, Espace Dubart, Lille / LA LIGNE 1418, "Penser" la blessure,  une étape sur la ligne de front nord-ouest de la guerre 14 18 (installation), Galerie Studio, Oostende, Belgique / Le trait, la ligne, un point c’est tout (Painting), Galerie le 56, Nantes, France / 2016. Paintings. POAA (Paintings, drawings), Roubaix, France / LA LIGNE 1418, "Penser la blessure",  a step on the WW1's west frontline in France (installation), Ploegsteert, Belgique /  Rendez-vous avec la matière, (Paintings, drawings) G C Bontoux, Mouvaux, France // 2015. POAA (Paintings, drawings) Roubaix, France  / LA LIGNE 1418, "Penser" la blessure, a step on the WW1's west frontline in France (installation), Aubers, France (Mai), Wardhurst, England (Août), Kortrijk, Belgium (Sept) Roubaix, France (Oct), Lille, France (Oct ), Marquillies, France (Nov) // 2014. LA LIGNE 1418, "Penser" la blessure, a step on the WW1's west frontline in France (installation), Herlies (Oct), Escaupont (Nov), Avelin (Nov/ Dec) (France) / European Artists in NY (Paintings), Gallery 69 (with Group Camaver Kunsthaus), New York, USA / The New Collectors Book Selection (Painting), N.W Gallery, Basak Mallone LLC, New York, USA // 2013. Swiftness.Stillness (Drawings and paintings), The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-super-Mare, UK / Farben Beats (Drawings ans paintings), Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin, Germany / Pas perdus. (Installation, vidéo, photography, drawing, painting) Collectif ap'ic., Lille, France // 2012. Sauf le mouton noir (installation, video, painting, drawing). Festival du Touquet, Trophée Alain Godon, Le Tourquet, France / Entre deux portes (In situ Installation), Lille, France // 2011. Constellation (In situ Installation drawings digitally printed), Tourcoing, France / Hors-Cadre (Installation, video, photography, drawing), Lille, France / 2010. Nerfs (photography, digital drawing), Lille, France . Sauf le mouton noir, pour Mises en marche, (installation, video, painting, drawing), Roubaix, Lillle, France // 2008. Burlesk? (Paintings), Gallery De Rinck, Brussels, Belgium / Confusion (Paintings), Lille, France // 2006. l'Art Nomade (In-situ installation), Lille, France / Les Contraintes du Lieu (Paintings), Tourcoing, France.


2014. La Ligne 14 18  Arras-Ypres. Encres et peintures, Virginie Gallois / Photographies, Laurent Mayeux. Editions Degeorge. ISBN 978-2-916992-24-2