Beti Bricelj

Beti Bricelj

Postojna, Slovenia

About Beti Bricelj

Beti Bricelj was born in 1974 in Postojna (Slovenia). In 2000 she graduated from Fine Arts on Arthouse – College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. After completing her studies she continued her education in Australia where she lived for a year after she was invited to participate in a research study of the Aboriginal culture organized by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Adelaide, South Australia. Beti Bricelj has been invited to numerous Art Symposium, and has presented work for independent and joint exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad (Australia, Europe, Israel India and including the renowned Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas Texas, USA). Her work is published in various international catalogues and books of contemporary art. As an artist she also took up an architectural challenge and designed the front of the Epicenter B2 Trade and Business Center in Postojna using her expertise in art. In 2013 she received Recognition for High Quality Artwork form the International Fine Arts Festival Kranj – ZDSLU.
Beti Bricelj painting is based on a modular principle of multiplication of the chosen geometric form onto a certain picture surface which is not always even but it incorporates itself through the alternation of its determinants in the process of verifying the relationship between form and colour.
Since 2002 Bricelj has been a member of the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies. She divides her time working in Slovenia and in Scotland, UK.


My work is the result of a carefully thought-out process that leaves nothing to chance. Each painting is developed from numerous sketches, which allows a precise and rational appreciation of the effect of every line, shape and color. Everything is predetermined, yet it is only when a concept makes the leap from the sketch to the finished painting that its potential is realized, and I can see the full impact of my idea.

The exact geometric compositions contain my own personal perceptions, experiences, as well as views of the world and nature. This intimate approach inevitably softens up the mathematical exactness of the developed form.

I place great importance on color studies, and I strive to harness the physicality of color, its vibrations and the effects colors have on one another. I make use of all available artistic elements in order to produce paintings with an added value. The combination of the lines, grid network and variations of flat color constantly move the eye through different levels, different directions and different depths within the painting. This means that each individual work of art not only represents a calculated geometric abstraction, but also serves as a vehicle to engage observers, allowing different associations and emotional states. Put simply, to be drawn into the work and react to it. Through this interaction, observers becomes trapped in two different systems of perception—mine and their own.

The most important purpose of my paintings is to make observers stop and immerse themselves in the art, as they are compelled to think and contemplate its effect.

My art encourages logical thinking as well as stimulating a personal reaction when viewers discover their own explanations of the work.


The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
3109 Carlisle St, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

13. July 2014 2:30PM

Beti Bricelj, exhibiting artist, leads the discussion about her work and the upcoming exhibit: From Slovenia, Venezuela, and Dallas With Love.