Victoria Rechsteiner

Victoria Rechsteiner

Meilen, Zurich, Switzerland

About Victoria Rechsteiner

Harmony in nature, in life, in relationships. This is what my paintings are about, what I want to bring into the world, into the house, into the family. The beauty of nature around us, beauty in soul and deeds, dignity and honor are my guiding lines in life and in painting.

Art has significantly started to become part of my life in my early years and continued later on throughout my entrepreneurial experience in jewelry business for many years.
When I moved to Switzerland I felt like I needed a change in my artistic life and so I have started to paint, as a hobby and it soon becomes my full time "job" and passion.
I am in love with plein air paintings.
Inspired by the natural beauty of Swiss mountains, lakes, old towns, villages and cows, I paint to express the enjoyment and excitement of the moment, trying to capture that feelings of unity with the nature.
Travelling a lot, I enjoy every moment at the easel.

“No country gives the landscape painter so much material to train in his art and to bring it to a certain degree of perfection in imitation of nature than Switzerland. It is the temple of nature.
”Gottlieb Wilhelm Becker, 1779.

Every artwork is unique, made with love and comes directly from my studio near Zurich, signed on the backside and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


Moscow State University
St. Gallen University


Workshops in Switzerland, France, Italy, Armenia, Czech, Montenegro, Russia, India, Germany.


2020 "Vieliebt in die Schweizer Berge", Einsiedeln,
2019 "5 FRAUEN-50 IDEEN" Ortsmuseum Meilen,
"Kunstforum Zollikerberg", Switzerland
"Art Talents", Zurich
2017  "Meilen kreativ", Switzerland
  "Im Dialog mit neuer Heimat", Einsiedeln,
2014    "Meilen kreativ" ,Meilen, Switzerland