Victor Stamp

Victor Stamp

Madrid, Spain

About Victor Stamp

Victor Stamp is an Australian artist living and working in Madrid, Spain. His work typically uses photography as a raw material and then applies a series of transformations to it, converting the analogue to digital (and then back again).
Long-forgotten snapshots and run-of-the-mill commercial photography are transformed by the artifices of digital imaging to tell imaginary stories and set imaginary scenes. The imagery of the contemporary world is generally banished: what is shown belongs to a fantasized but plausible past, a fictional retroprojection.
Stamp plays upon photography’s essences and paradoxes: the moment of time frozen into eternity but threatened immediately with forgetfulness and abandon; truth susceptible of being fiction (and vice-versa); the slice of life underwritten by a certain death.


August, 2014: Artist-in-Residence, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.


June 2011: "Colonial Exhibition", Galería Rafael Peréz Hernando, Madrid. Exhibition presented within the framework of PhotoEspaña.

June 2012: Naturaleza Viva y Otras Historias, Estudio Anta, Madrid.

November 2012: El Jardín del Olvido, Mondo Galería, Madrid.