Vladyslav Volosenko

Vladyslav Volosenko

Kyiv , Kyiv, Ukraine

About Vladyslav Volosenko

Vladislav Volosenko is a Ukrainian sculptor and artist who was born in Kiev in 1964. When he was 12 years old he entered the Republican Art School. T.G. Shevchenko (Kiev), where he realized that he wanted to do sculpture. Later he studied at the Kiev State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture), from which he graduated in 1991.

In 1991 he moved to live in Canada. There the sculptor's new creative career began. Vladislav's first big work "Stones for Men and Women" was done for Jorge Perez in Miami. Also, several marble works are exhibited in San Francisco at St. Regis Hotel. And the limestone sculpture "Family" is located in the Donald Trump Tower in Florida. Some of the sculptor's works are presented in private collections.

In 2008 he returned to Ukraine and became a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists. Continues his creative activity in Ukraine


• 1976-1983 Republican Art School named. Shevchenko

• 1984-1991 National Academy of Arts, Kyiv


10 international symposiums on sculpture (participant);

11 works installed in the world.


2018 Art project "More than a sculpture". Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 personal exhibition at the Dukat gallery
2016 Exhibition "Sculpture in the open air". Sophia of Kyiv National Reserve, Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 Project "De Profundis (From the depths ...)." "Art Arsenal". "Heavenly formation". Kyiv, Ukraine.
2006 Installation of the work "Sculpture Group" at the entrance to the Trump World Tower. Hollywood Beach, Florida, USA
1991 Exhibition of a plein air from granite. National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", Kyiv, Ukraine