Lance Von Prum

Lance Von Prum

Bisbee, AZ, United States

About Lance Von Prum

My passion is painting. I draw and sketch daily but have a continuous fascination watching a face come alive as I paint, or paint believable reflections. I want my work to catch the viewer's eye and create an emotional connection. I was born in North Dakota and grew up in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. I began drawing when I was about five years old. I can remember how fascinated I was with fingerpaints and how the colors blended as I smeared my hands through the greasy paints.


I've had a few good teachers along the way, who saw something in me and helped draw it out, no pun intended. A mechanical drawing teacher saw something special in me and taught me college level perspective in eighth grade. Then as a junior in high school, I taught an art teacher and the rest of the class, one, two and three-point perspective drawing once the teacher realized I knew more than she did.

It took until I was thirty years old to save enough money to get into The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California but several amazing instructors there really took me to a higher level. Since then, I learn from drawing daily, being with other artists and looking at other artist's work.


First Friday Artwork, Everett Station Studio, Portland, OR 1992-1993

First Friday Artwalk, Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, WA 2011, 2012


One Man Show, Bear's Frame Shop, Portland, OR
One Man Show, Acorn Studio, Fredericksburg, TX
One Man Show, Fredericksburg Forge,
Featured Artist, The Brickhouse, Vancouver, WA
One Man Show, Brewed Gallery, Vancouver, WA
First Place, Southwest Washington Watercolor Society Fall Show, 360 Gallery, Vancouver Washington
Featured Artist, Up and Down Gallery, Vancouver, WA
Featured Artist, Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, WA