Volkmar von Sehlen

Volkmar von Sehlen

Bozeman , MT, United States

About Volkmar von Sehlen

Behind Vo-tography Images is Volkmar von Sehlen, a.k.a., Vo, who is a formally trained certified professional photographer as well as formally trained photojournalist; and his absolute love for photography shines through the stunningly creative and beautiful pieces of work he creates.

Vo began his first photography-related job more than 3 1/2 decades ago. His professional journey spans over two continents and includes many different types of work. For his daily work as a photographer, he uses his vast spectrum of professional experiences to relate to his clients as well as for the interpretation of their photographic needs.
He loves to be in nature. Loves to be in the wilderness. Loves to photograph Wild Animals -- in the wild, in their natural surroundings -- without interfering in their ability to move around naturally and behave naturally.
Vo is an advocate of Nature and Wildlife, and respects their space and the animals themselves.


Certified Professional Photographer (Germany)
Photojournalism (U.S.)
MassCommunications (U.S.)
Electronic Media (U.S.)