Lion Ebergard

Lion Ebergard

Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany

About Lion Ebergard

Painting is a state of my soul and inner world into which I was born. Later I lived in the world of contrasts, which mingled with those inexplicable feelings since I was born, which are always present in my subconscious and which I encounter in my dreams. In which something powerful, fascinating, cannot be expressed through human language and at the same time very close appears. This phenomenon became an integral part of my work. When I first visited a Picasso exhibition, I felt and captured a small piece of my soul. Inexplicable work! Immerse yourself in bright colors, curvatures, deformations and deviations from classic image perception. Something that might later turn out to be our reality and real beauty? I tried to express myself in different directions, wanted to somehow show myself, to stand out, and found my own handwriting in cubist surrealism. It is important for me to go my own way so that my pictures find acceptance. I want to create and exhibit works that are valued by the viewer and achieve recognition of my art. In my work I deal with everyday stories, facts of daily life that we often do not perceive. Many pictures are "myself". Every person has different sides and therefore I show those aspects that we do not see with normal perception. In my depictions I capture many aspects of a past moment, spiritual, philosophical and physical. It is important, emotions to see and depict. To express this, I depict people as "gutta-percha", placing them in different levels and in unnatural positions. Anyone who looks at my art sees - and sees very differently from me. He discovers a very different story, and that is of great importance. It is not only my interpretation but also that of the viewer. This opens up new perspectives.


16.11.2012 Teilnahme an der Verleihung der Martin Buber-Plakette an Garry Kasparov

11.11.2012 Vernissage “Schachmatt”, Kreuzgang Rolduc, Kerkrade – Eintritt: Frei, Ausstellung läuft bis 05.01.2013

Was Wo Wann
Ausstellung “Welt der Fantasie” Von klassische Malerei bis kubistischer Surrealismus Art Hotel Superior,
Am Branderhof 101, 52066 Aachen 14.04.2012 – 14.07.2012
Vernissage “Welt der Träume” “JAKOBSHOF” Stromgasse 31, 52064 Aachen 26.02.2011
Ausstellung “Europäische Lebensgefühle” “Hotel de Villa”
Dürener Str. 7
52249 Eschweiler 02.09.2011 – 30.12.2011
Kunstausstellung “Mozart… sind wir doch alle…!”
In Kooperation mit der EURIADE Aula Carolina, Pontstraße 7-9, 52066 Aachen 03.08.2012 – 20.08.2012