Warren Pardi

Warren Pardi

Barryville, NY, United States

About Warren Pardi

Born in 1948 in Brooklyn NY.
Now living in the lower catskill region of NYS, I drew my Artistic influences and inspiration from a variety of sources and life experiences revolving around science, philosophy and the love of our beautiful natural world and the desire to express these interests in a physical reality rather than in the abstract.

I began designing and creating furniture, and objects of art in wood, in the 1970's and felt at ease expressing myself in that medium. Intrinsic to its organic nature, Wood has a beautiful unpredictability and inconsistency which can often offer a surprise or two; and as an innately structural material it also unexpectantly lends itself to forms which are curvilinear in nature, enabling wood to be a very interesting material to work with.
Throughout my career, my nature as artist and craftsman has lain the prescription that my work be centered in the functional or utilitarian side of art; this enables the potential, for the users, to immerse themselves and share in the process of creation through utility. Most of my work involves an exploration of some small aspect of this wondrous and varied dimension from which we have evolved. I try to push the envelope whether in my designs or in construction techniques. During the 1990's I began teaching my craft and also explored the world of virtual 3D modeling; expanding on earlier interests in curvilinear design.
Self taught and working with wood for 40 years, I have attained recognition for many of my furniture pieces and have exhibited at galleries and sold to gift shops across the US.


MA Anthropology, Studied painted finishes, Pratt University.