Nenad Kojić

Nenad Kojić

Beograd / Belgrade, Serbia

About Nenad Kojić

International award winning artist influenced by art of J. M. W. Turner, James Whistler, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent and contemporary impressionist Alvaro Castagnet. Self-taught artist/painter with specific voice.
Unique watercolor art of Nenad Kojic have extraordinary sensibility that attract the attention of fans and artists at the international level. Painting the atmosphere and mood in the technique for which often says that it is more important what you do not paint from what is depicted on he trying to use this universal language and convey their message without words. The harmony of shapes and colors in his paintings reflects the lyrical elements of the soul. Brush strokes and tonal value changes indicate conformity of technical and poetic, learned and innate, in a joint conjunction to get the viewer's attention and convey a subtle message. The technique of pure watercolors, which he mainly use, is a technique which use only transparent colors (no white and gouache / tempera as covering) and therefore all are discovered and visible - every stroke of the brush, every drawing, every step of the artistic process. Whiteness and structure of paper that can be seen are skillfully used and tonal values are so clear that it seems that the color, water and the artist haves a special, magical, agreement. The originality of views and sunny optimism are present and easily identifiable elements of Nenad`s works in which one crumb naive, however, testifies that they took us out in a new, not fully explored place. Place through that does not go so often - in depth of thoughts as a special dimension of his paintings.
His watercolor art has collectors all over the world and his works hang in America, Russia, Japan, Australia, Turkey and of course many European Countries.


Autodidact watercolorist


17.Mart 2020.
Solo show No.4
Matica iseljenika i Srba u regionu
Nušićeva br.4, Belgrade