Wendy Goodwin

Wendy Goodwin

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

About Wendy Goodwin

I like to think of myself as an “image maker” when it comes to my art. And, I have been interested photography all my life, since I first used my mother’s old box Brownie camera as a young child in the 1960’s. Throughout the years I graduated from black and white photos, to colour slides and prints, and ultimately to digital photography - where I have found an expansive sense of creative freedom. With its potential for instant replay, direct critical evaluation, and unlimited scope for artistic control, enhancement, and experimentation, the digital medium allows for the capture of ephemeral and serendipitous subjects as never before. It affords an immediacy and spontaneity to the photographic process that is truly liberating.

Nature plays an important roll in my work. I have a large garden in the Adelaide Hills. I am passionate about capturing natural moments in my garden - fleeting images which, if not immediately shot, will disappear, often never to return. Thus I always have a camera or device of some sort with me when in my garden. I feel compelled to capture the beauty that I see and preserve it to share with others. I rarely contrive photographic compositions or use a tripod as I don't feel the need - Mother Nature gives up her charms without the need for me to orchestrate. Sunlight, weather conditions, and subjects are ever changing, and to capture beautiful and meaningful images, that tell a story, is a lifelong quest. And then, to be able to use digital technology to enhance, filter, and highlight my images to create truly unique and bespoke works of art, is a privilege.

Over the years I have developed a comprehensive and varied photographic portfolio, with subjects ranging from nature (including my own garden), landscapes and wildlife, to portraiture, architecture and food styling. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty and majesty of the natural world in general, and by the unique Australian landscape in particular. I have also travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa where I photographed subjects of all kinds - modern and historic. I enjoy taking photographs of a vast array of subjects, with a particular fascination for the subtle light variations found at different times of the day. For emotive and visual impact, I often apply customised digital filters to my raw images (from subtle to bold), and I frequently produce artistic series and thematic collections - often presenting my photographic art in the form of diptychs and triptychs, or multi-cell collages.

I believe that art should be aesthetically pleasing and uplifting, as well as thought provoking and evocative of mood. One hopes that one's art is something that people would like to have in their home, as part of their world.


Although I studied Art as a subject for 11 years, at both primary and secondary schools, I am largely self-taught. I have never stopped taking photographs both domestically and when travelling extensively overseas. I have thus amassed a large catalogue of photos that I use in my artworks.


Under the banner of BraveNewArt, I also design wearable art scarves and surface designs - fabrics, wallpaper, giftwrap, clothing and accessories.



As an emerging artist, I have not been exhibited extensively, but I have had art pieces featured in a few art exhibitions across Australia - in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland in recent times - as well as internationally online. Two of my artworks “Girl By The River” and “Settlement” were shortlisted in the Australian Contemporary Art Awards and featured in their online exhibition, and hardcopy and online published catalogue. In May, 2018, a mixed-media photographic art piece of mine was chosen and displayed as a shortlisted finalist for the Head On Photo Awards festival (Sydney). Another of my pieces, "Stained Glass Window", was shortlisted for the 2018 Stanthorpe biennial Art Prize in Queensland.

Several of my artworks have also been recognised in the art exhibitions of the Light, Space & Time online art gallery based in Florida, USA.
In August, 2018, my artwork "Oriental Glow" was placed 7th overall and 3rd in the Photography/Digital category of the gallery's open theme contest.