Winnie Davies

Winnie Davies

Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

About Winnie Davies

Born in Hong Kong.
1996 received BA in Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong
1997 received MA in Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Specialize in sculpture, oil painting, Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy in my own surrealistic style. Started drawing portraits by self-taught as early as I can remember at the age of 4 before I could even read or write. The first subject I drew was portraits of people. I was so fascinated to draw people, perhaps it is because the subject of "people" was the first thing I saw, being brought up in Hong Kong surrounded by people everywhere. I received my initial art training in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, before I went to The University of Hong Kong to study Fine Arts. I have found that my traditional Chinese art studies laid an important foundation for my art development later. Even though when I started oil painting and sculpture later, I could still apply the theories of Chinese art into other western media. For example, the brave decision of Chinese ink painting strokes encourages me to spread oil paints on canvas boldly without hesitation. On the other hand, the preciseness of every stroke I learnt from Chinese calligraphy can be applied to every cut I make the decision in marble sculpture I learnt in Italy later. One may not imagine that how Chinese calligraphy is linked to stone sculpture. In fact, their theories are the very similar. For instance: every stroke you make on calligraphy has to be so forceful and precise on paper, it parallels to every cut I make on marble sculpture. If you make a mistake on your decision, a wrong stroke on paper or a wrong cut on stone, there is no U-turn. Therefore I like to apply the concept of Chinese art theory into my oil paintings and my sculptures. As a result, the creation of my works is a fusion of Chinese and Western concepts.


A Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong and a Master Degree in Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I started my traditional training in Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy and seal carving.
1996 started learning sculpture
2004 learnt marble sculpture in Italy.
Her works had been exhibited in Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, mainland China and Hong Kong
and also been collected by museum in China and private collectors.
Currently the Founding President of Hong Kong Oil Painters Guild, the Founder of Club 4 Art and Joy Art Club in Fo Tan Artists Village in Hong Kong.


Davies' large scale monumental sculpture "Dragon DNA" was selected in International Sculpture Symposium and got selected to display permanently in China in 2011. Since then, numerous solo and joint exhibitions of Oil paintings and sculptures by Winnie Davies in Hong Kong and overseas.


Window - A solo exhibition of Oil paintings and sculptures by Winnie Davies