Yanin Ruibal

Yanin Ruibal

Mexico City, Mexico

About Yanin Ruibal

Yanin Ruibal finds her artistic drive in existence itself, a kind of existence, that in its most honest version, knows how to go from the most aesthetic and sublime angles, to the most chaotic and dark. It is therefore, an evolutionary art, with memory and inspired in personal experiences; that go hand in hand with a cultural and family heritage that question and impact not only the discourse and the concept, but also the composition and aesthetics.

The duality of femininity, the sensory world and emotion are the constant stimuli in her visual stories. An artistic process determined by personal learning, motivated by affectivity and the need to find liberation through the tension expressed in symbolism and contrasts.

Based on the possibility of deeply assimilating her purpose in the present moment, Ruibal is the reflection of a collective reality, of the woman who seeks the essence of her being; that addresses with determination and courage, the challenges, conflicts and limitations of the contemporary world.

Human nature and its animal reflection, seen internally and externally, are an active part of the pictorial definition that determines elements of composition, color, shape and structure in each work. Her artistic practice evokes the need to establish links between fiction and reality, thus allowing each viewer to interact personally and privately with her work, distancing herself from stereotypes and simple assimilations of what is represented.


Universidad de las Américas Puebla. 2008-2010. Bachelor of Visual Arts. Universidad de Sonora. 2010-2011. (Transfered) Bachelor of Visual Arts. Incomplete.



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The Other Art Fair, Global Edition. March 2021.

Spring Forward Art Exhibition, Revelation Gallery, New York, NY. March 2021.

The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art at Brooklyn Expo Center. New York, NY. November 2019.

The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art at Brooklyn Expo Center. New York, NY. May 2019.

Visiones Femeninas @ De Kooning Studio. All-women group show. New York, NY. May 2019.

CDMX Group Show @ Volcom Garden by Juxtapoz Clubhouse. Austin, Texas. April 2019.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse, Miami Art Week. Miami, FL, December 2018.

Finalist at Bienal de Ilustración by Pictoline, Centro de Cultura Digital. Mexico City, May 2018.

LIBRE, all-women exhibition at MUTEM, Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal. Mexico City, May 2018.

Abrazo para México, benefit exhibition for the victims of the September 19 earthquake. Pugseal Hotel. Mexico City, October 2017.

IT’S A PINK WORLD AFER ALL vol.2, all-women exhibition at Rojo Bermelo Gallery. Mexico City, February 2017.

Talento Mexicano Contemporáneo, Galería CC186. Mexico City, March 2016.

Surf en Pavimento by Cultura Colectiva and Kai Longboards. Mexico City, May 2014.
100th Room by Camel, Mexico City, November 2013.

TRASHed @ Coachella, by Global Inheritance. Coachella music festival, Indio, CA, 2012. TRASHed by Global Inheritance, The Lab art Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, April 2012.


Similitudes, Pugseal boutique Hotel, Mexico City, October 2018

Al que Alimentas parte II, Galería CC186, Mexico City, October 2015.

Al que Alimentas, Galería Corazón, La Plata. Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 2015 YO / TÚ, Galería CC186, Mexico City. September 2014.

Downtown L.A. Art walk, The Medallion Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, June 2012.