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Napoli, Italy

About Tato Dot Space

"Play is the highest form of research".

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COMPUTER GENERATED MANIFESTO || Works of Proto-Art in the Age of Artificial Reproduction.

The flux creates, the body profligates.
In the material artifice, art objects are resurrections of the musings of the flux - a conscious flux that uses the body of the artist and the objects as organisms to deconstruct ideas, patterns and emotions.

With the evolution of the electronic environment, the flux is superseding a point where it will be free from the body to transcend immersions into the parameters of the delphic artifice.

Objects are branches of an infinite spiritual composition.

"Measuring chains, constructing realities
putting into place forms
a matrix of illusion and disillusion
the attracting force
a seduced reality that will spontaneously feed a new shape of the imagination".

Tato's work investigates the nuances of vibrations through the use of different degrees of matter and emphasizes the artificial nature of all media.

The Artist explores abstract scenery to describe the idea of infinite artifice.

Using emotional and visual loops, non-linear narratives, and allegorical patterns, he creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of individual soul through the loop "create and destroy".



2011 - 2014 Lecturer - Digital Applications for Visual Art - Fine Art Academy of Urbino

2007 - 2011 Bachelor degree in Multimedia Design - Fine Art Academy of Urbino, Italy.

2003 - 2007 Specialization in Bioethics (Napoli and Siena, Italy), "Family Law" (Salerno Italy) and "IT and Privacy Law" (Reggio Calabria, Italy).

2003 Graduated in law with a Thesis on "The Imperative of Responsibility: In Search of an Ethics for the Technological Age".



2012, April 14 Video Screening at ZEMOS98 FESTIVAL, Sevilla, Spain.
WakeUpArtists! (Dedicated to Malish) / A NetVIdeoRemix
14 FESTIVAL ZEMOS98 / Sevilla / April 11 - 15 2012
Political Remix Video / Screening on April 14, 2012
Promoted by: political remix video | embed.at | european cultural foundation | doc next network

2012 Repopulating Euro 2012 stadiums with Augmented Reality Dogs
Online Augmented Reality Experience

2012 H Y P E R C Y B E R S P A C E
Online Augmented Reality Experience

2010 February - March, Museo della Scienza, Museo del Balì, Saltara (PU), "Simple Shape Generator", multimedia installation.

2009 18 October - 15 November, Castello di Frontone (PU), Italia - "weFeedFromDistance || weFeelFromDistance", Multimedia Installation in: Out of Range 2009 - Emotions - Collective Exhibition Castello di Frontone (PU),Italia.

2009 June - July, Urbino, Italia.
"Apes": Collective Multimedia Exhibition and Broadcast Event with the italian art collective twentyfoursides.org.

Personal exhibition.

2001 Circolo degli Ufficiali di Napoli, Italia - Collective Exhibition.

2000 Chiostro di Santa Maria la Nova, Napoli, Italia - Collective Exhibition.