Rafael Mago

Rafael Mago

Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela

About Rafael Mago

The focus of my work is the landscape through the drawing, I make an exploration in topographical views extracting the sublime beauty of these geomorphological images, examining the realistic topographical representations I extract the necessary organic forms and abstract using the two-dimensional drawing, allowing the creation of new macroscopic landscapes that shows my own aesthetic intention.


I got my university degree in Visual Arts at the Universidad de los Andes in Mérida-Venezuela in December of 2019.
And also I got my second degree in Graphic Design at the Universidad de los Andes in Merida Venezuela the same year.


I have been selected to be part of the "Padrino Program" in 2020 through The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts (VAEA).


//Solo exibition//

2016. Modern Museum Juan Astorga Anta
"Mountains 1"
-Mérida, Venezuela

2017. Gallery Huellas
"The Mountain".
-Mérida, Venezuela

//Colective exibitions//

2019. Espacio Libertad.
"212+2 Luces" Venezuela

2019. Galeria Sicart
"Materia Prima-" España

2019. DEMÁRT
"GPS8 N66 0". Switzerland

2020. Espacio Proyecto Libertad.
"Los del Espacio" Mérida Venezuela