Youngseon You

Youngseon You

Seoul, Gangnam-gu, South Korea

About Youngseon You

I want to make the energy of thinking into a picture.

To paint, I must first be free-hearted, keep my emotions bright and clear, and try to empathize with myself and others through painting.

To convey healing through the work, I think my own mind is healing and overflowing with joy, creating a wide world.

Instead of drawing to paint, the idea that comes from the mind naturally comes out and paints a picture that is not rigid.

Since I live in the face of a batter, and the batter is on my face, it is clear that I want to see myself indirectly through the face of another without suppressing myself. We seem to have our own way, but we live by creating a variety of personalities, a grain and a pattern.

The face is the soul of the body. ...

The identity of human patterns is society. I would like to emphasize that pattern because it has a unique meaning that cannot be reversed into the psychological system.

The face is a phenomenon, but the face of the batter often represents itself as opposed to the usual. And there's something in it. Regardless of my expectations or predictions, the batter informs himself outside. Maybe at bat.

I do not want to maintain the time of demotion without suppressing myself or oppressing others, but rather to maintain a relaxed and positive perspective while expressing my own patterns and textures.


Graduation from Hongik University(Seoul)
Master’s degree at Hongik University, majored in Fine Art


2020.Writer of the Year Award
2020.4.2~4.12 Yaksan Planning Exhibition (Article Hall)
2020.3.3~3.8 Hongik University Graduate School Group Exhibition
2020.1.15~1.21 Artist Invitation Exhibition (Insa-dong Gallery All)
2019.12.27~2020.1.2 Korean Artists Exhibition (Article of Arts)
2019.12.17~2020.1.2 Minu Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Minu Museum of Contemporary Art)
2019.12.21~19.12.25 Seoul Art Show Art Fair (COEX booth number 105)
2019.12.27~2020.1.2 Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center (Seoul Arts Center)
Winning the Seoul Arts Awards (Gyeonghuigung)
Hanam Art Exhibition Special Award (Hanam)
Gyeonggi Art Exhibition Special Award (Gyeonggi Provincial Art Center)
Special Award for International Art Exhibition (Ansan Arts Center)
Award for Women's Art Competition (Insadong)
Korean Painting Exhibition Corporate Purchasing Award (Insa Art)
September 19, 2018 Gangnam Award
2018 Korea Art Exhibition Special Award


2021 invitation Solo Exhibition,Namsong Museum of Art
2021 8th Solo Exhibition YTN Gallery
2020 7th Solo Exhibition Cultural Promotion Agency
2019 Sixth Solo Exhibition
Gallery T2 (Chungmuro) October
2018. Fifth solo exhibition
Minu Museum (Sungnam)
2014.Fourth solo exhibition Seoul Forest Communication Center Exhibition Hall (Sungsu-dong)
2013.Third Solo exhibition Seoul Forest Communication Center Exhibition Hall (Seongsu-dong)
a two-time exhibition
2012. Second Solo exhibition Pop Culture Center
2000.First Solo exhibition Lammer (Insa-dong)

Hong Kong Affordabie Art Fair
Asia Contemporari
French Louvre Museum Exhibitions
80th Group Exhibition