Zazaa Ganbold

Zazaa Ganbold

Berlin, Germany

About Zazaa Ganbold

Zazaa Ganbold is a painter and graphic artist. She was born and raised in Ulan-Bator, Mongolia. After graduating from the State Art College of Mongolia, she left her hometown and traveled extensively in Asia. She intensely researched and absorbed a large body of ancient and contemporary art, which guided her in the discovery her own voice and sense of being an artist.
During her travels, she saw firsthand the tension between old traditions and rapid social development. It made her aware of how these diverse phenomena affected artistic expression. This dialectic between the human creative power and its potentially destructive effects has shaped her view of the world and the numerous interpretative elements in her work.
The more Zazaa has seen of the world, the more aware she has become of the beauty, mysticism and security of her homeland. It remains the source of her inspiration and connects her nomadic heritage to modernity in her work.
Zazaa has been living in Berlin since 2002.


Artist Statement
The human body and mind – an ancient mystery. An eternal theme and inspiration for both science and art. Despite their respective attempts to explore and explain the body and mind, neither are fully understood.
Where do we come from? Who am I? Are we our mind? What about our feelings? Do they really belong to the concept known as free will? Where are we going? My work contains many questions that are both inspirational and challenging for me as an artist.
I am fascinated by the interrelation of body, mind, perception and environment and the states of being that are hidden or only arise in our thoughts. My interpretation of these states draws upon mythology and psychology as source material.
I use a fusion of traditional techniques, oil and acrylic painting in combination with digital processing to produce thoughtful, dreamlike images to evoke an emotional message together with a relevance to social life. My paintings are invitations to the viewer to link them to their individual picture of reality with their own experiences, contrasts, hopes, and desires.