Zeinab Mahani

Zeinab Mahani

Paris, Paris, France

About Zeinab Mahani

I, Zeinab Mahani born in Kerman, Iran.
Currently I am living in France

I am Persian Artist. As I was child I was very curious about art. Art is I and I am Art.
All Art are originally made by Zeinab Mahani, and it is my creation.
I am master of art in digital art painting on Procreate

All Art reflect and seems my emotion, thoughts, feeling , characteristics and it is decorated with my poetry.


Bachelor of Visual Art (Graduation)
Master of Illustrator (Masters)
Practice form Morteza Zahedi (Persian Artist-Illustrator)


1.Art teaching in Iran
2.Art teaching in Tbilisi, Georgia
3.The First Omid Photography Festival


1.Visual Art Association Kerman,Iran
2.Point (Noghteh) Gallery - University of Art & Culture
3. Laleh Gallery - Art & Culture of Iran (1st TIme)
4. Ebn-e- Sina Gallery (Illustration Exhibition) - Culture & Art Organisation of Tehran Municipality.
5. Laleh Gallery - Art & Culture Of Iran (2nd Time)