Marija Zunic

Marija Zunic

Uzice, Serbia

About Marija Zunic

I am artist and art teacher in Uzice, Sebia. I am working as art teacher for children in primary and secondary school, and also as art teacher for the children with disabilities in elementary school for pupils with disabilities.
My artistic research and professional artistic career begins at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, at the department for wall painting. During the studies, besides the development of artistic ideas, I had the opportunity to study easel painting techniques and especially wall painting techniques. On the final year of my studies I devoted my personal attention to the mosaic as a traditional technique made of small pieces of stone, and then I my research continued with modern approach to this old artistic technique. With traditional mosaic technique I connected completely new materials, metal, plaster, plastic, and I created mosaics not only in mortar, but also in polyester, and, so I got a completely new perception of this traditional technique.
Then, in further research, I combined these two topics, portraits and families in a completely new cycle of works, the "Couples". In this cycle I went further on the merging forms and further assimilation of figures, symbolically appearance of two figures in one. At the first place, I painted these works, and in the further research I began to combine various materials, which in some way reminds me of a mosaic and where I could use previous experiences. I experimented with completely different materials: cardboard, various types of paper, self-adhesive foils as well as various collage techniques, aquarell, drawings...
The research led me to a complete simplification of the form, elements gradually was disappeared, and this created a whole series of artistic works dedicated abstract still life, which was my obsession during the entire artistic work. They are my way into the magical and imaginative world where anything is possible. Gradually, I was able to completely remove the object and take a picture right into the universe, which is my current inspiration. Cosmos united all my previous interests for me, united all that I had previously explored. It is symbolically, for me, everything we are, and everything we want to be.
To my artistic work and thinking, he brought a completely new dimension, because it completely cleansed the form of my painting, grouped the energy and brought me into a whole new and different perception. The picture is without redundant parts, simple, there is only the energy of color and forms that exist together.
Member of the UVUU, Uzice, Sebia.


2000- 2005. Faculty of Applied Arts Belgrade Serbia, Wall painting department


November 16th 2018:

July 6th 2018:

December 2017:
Third prize for artwork, Annual Regional Art Exhibition, Uzice, Serbia



Group exhibition in Gallery Reflector Uzice, Serbia
Group exhibition Trstenik, Serbia

Group exhibition Kraljevo, Serbia
Group exhibition in Gallery Reflector Uzice, Serbia

Third prize for artwork, Annual Regional Art Exhibition, Uzice, Serbia
Group exhibition "November Visual Arts Exhibition 2017", Kraljevo, Serbia
Group exhibition in Gallery Reflector Uzice, Serbia

Before 2017:
Art Salon in City Gallery in Uzice, Serbia,participated for several years
Biennial mini art Gornji Milanovac, Sebia, 2010, 2008, 2006
Biennial mini art Niksic, Montenegro, 2006
Group exhibition miniatures in Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

Solo exhibition in primary school in Trsic, Sebia