Sophia Argyros

Sophia Argyros

Athens, Greece

About Sophia Argyros

Born in Patras/Greece on September 8th 1977. Moved to Athens at the age of 13 and left for London UK, to study at the age of 17. I am a BA (hons) Fine Art and MA in Design, Graduate from Middlesex University. In 2002 moved to Utrecht Netherlands where I worked as a tattoo artist and Illustrator for punk/rock/hardcore/soul bands Worldwide. In late 2008 moved back to Athens where I now work as a Painter/illustrator.

My work includes animals, at its most. Their dynamics capture me and especially those of the horse. My latest works are studies of those elements that i find common in certain animals and myself.


BTEC(hons)Foundation Course in Art and Design @ Kent Institute of Art and Design
BA(hons) in Fine Arts @Middlesex University, London

Completion of 1year BA studies at Thames Valley University, London, In Digital Arts & Advertising

MA in Design @Middlesex University, London.

Lived and worked as a Tattoo artist and Illustrator (for underground punk/rock/soul/hardcore/metal bands),in Utrecht Holland.
Work as a freelance painter and illustrator in Athens Greece.
Participated in various group exhibitions in Athens. ,


Future Shows: At the moment i focus on preparing work for a solo exhibition.