Avatar Sculpture Works

Avatar Sculpture Works

vancouver, BC, Canada

About Avatar Sculpture Works

Sculptor, Jamie Salmon lives and works in Vancouver, Canada where he runs his studio, Avatar Sculpture Works, with his wife Jackie K. Seo, also an accomplished sculptor. He produces very lifelike portraits and figures, but still mantains a strong sense of character with every work.

" I like to use the human form as a way of exploring the nature of what we consider to be "real" and how we react when our visual perceptions of this reality are challenged. In our modern society we have become obsessed with our outward appearance, and now with modern technology we are able to alter this in almost anyway we desire. How does this outward change affect us and how we are perceived by others? "
Jackie K. Seo is a Korean born, Vancouver resident, contemporary, sculptor. She says "In each work I like to capture those reflective moments, where we can have so many mixed emotions. Nowadays, we are feeling more and more isolated from each other, although we have more ways to communicate than we ever had before"

Although Salmon and Seo work together they usually produce their own individual art works, but do occasionally collaborate on a single project.

Their work can be seen on permenent display in the MEFIC collection, which opens in Portugal, early 2010. MEFIC is a contemporary sculpture museum showcasing work from some of the worlds most influential modern contemporary artists .



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Future Shows: Mefic collection, opening 2008, Spain.