Flujo de energia / Energy flow Collage by Raul Albanece

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Art Description

Collage: Paper on Cardboard, Paper.

This unframed collage of paper and xerography on cardboard is part of the series “A daily artwork” and its subject is “Human cloning”. I started work on “Human cloning” imagining that there are factories of clones that make them in series like products of supermarket and, therefore, marked each model with its own barcode. In the beginning the works were like catalogs to which he titled as commercial product with a code created to the effect according to the structure of the chromosomes: XY, accompanied by the initials according to the position in which they were seen: F, front; E, back; PI, left profile; PD, right profile, and then added the production number: 001, 002, 003,...

I thought that the clone is like a human photocopy and that's why I started to use xerography of the clone in the works and assemblage of papers as a symbol of genetic manipulation.

After a while, "my clone", as I call it, began to become aware that it is a clone, and that is why labyrinths appeared around his head, as if showing the lucubration of his thoughts. In these days, he has begun to have certain indicators that he is initiating the development of a personality of his own: he looks with childish curiosity at the world around him, fascinates with stars and constellations, meditates on life and its mysteries, learns, explore...




Flujo de energia / Energy flow

Raul Albanece



Size: 5.5 W x 5.5 H x 0 in

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