Sapiens I: 25·12·17 #1

United Kingdom

Size: 22 H x 29.9 W x 0.1 in

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Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Pencil and Paper on Paper.

Sapiens I, based on images by photographer Seth Casteel, explores the notion that at birth we enter into a system governed by other peoples idea of reality.
This is touched on in ‘Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind’, referred to as the Imagined Order — ‘…every person is born into a pre-existing imagined order, and his or her desires are shaped from birth by its dominant myths…an inter-subjective order, existing in the shared imaginations of thousands and millions of people’, (Yuval Noah Harai, 2011, p.128, p.131).
Inspired by Bridget Davis (fellow TOAF artist), the work is created primarily with ink and water. In contrast to previous series that showed structure and layering this series is spontaneous and organic in nature.


Harari, Y. (2011). Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind. London: Vintage

Keywords: The Imagined Order, Birth, System, Organic, Sapiens

Subjects: Culture

Styles: Conceptual

Mediums: Ink, Pencil, Paper

Materials: Paper

Prints: Culture Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Ink Art Prints, Pencil Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Paper Art Prints

Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair Handpicked to show at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in London, New York, Los Angeles

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