Serie Máscaras: Aprendizaje animal. Sic transit gloria mundi. "Así pasa la gloria del mundo".


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Art Description

Drawing: Graphite on Paper and Plastic.

2012. Paris
Masks Series: Animal learning.
Sic transit gloria mundi. "This is how the glory of the world goes." by Salud López (SLD)

7 drawings with three pencils (graphite) of different graduations of thickness, hardness and darkness, on 300 g / m 2 watercolor paper and 13.5 x 18 cm in size, forming a polyptych. 6 of the drawings are wrapped in transparent thin plastic bags like those used in supermarkets to sell fruits and vegetables. And without wrapping the central drawing formally different.

The wrappers serve to veil the drawings, and also to add to the sensation of movement, apart from the one that the drawings themselves already have in their conception, at the same time as they serve as a support to keep them standing or dancing.
The drawings are dated and signed and have the following notations:

Drawing 1. Series masks. Musical perception Before the trial. Chekhov
Drawing 2. Series masks. The mask of death. AC DC
Drawing 3. Masks. Animal learning
Drawing 4. Masks
Drawing 5. Series masks. Revealing, insightful, profound
Drawing 6. Series masks. Phi
Drawing 7. Series masks.

Explanatory memory of the work.

There is no limit between things, the limits imposed by a series of rules such as language, but language as memory are not watertight compartments are alive and nourished by this magma of the unconscious or unknown, because they are not part of the language , let's call it nothing or empty and that is common to everything and the place where I immerse myself when I make these drawings.

There is a part that also has to do with feeling the organs themselves. In the manner of Artaud in his alchemical poems where 'physicalises' thought makes flesh, representing in his writings the somato sensory system, which also inhabits where imagination occurs. And with the idea of ​​"the other or double" as the way to move the pain over another object or another part of the body to diminish or make the pain bearable.

A series of 'homunculi', the double of a human in one's own mind and which also illustrate the mystery of a process in alchemy, in the hermetic sense a homunculus is an unknowable primordial actor. For Paracelsus these creations are like surpluses of his experimental work, so this alchemist claimed to have created them when trying to find the philosopher's stone, 'The creature is not more than 30 centimeters long, and that finally turned against its creator and fled, it had been created in a bag of coal, mercury, fragments of skin or hair of any human or animal.

Keywords: Paper, Plastic, Series, SaludLopezSLD, Drawings, Figurative, Graphite, Mask

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Figurative

Mediums: Graphite

Materials: Paper, Plastic

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