Duality - Broken Glass III Installation by Loclyn Torres

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The painting floats in a black wood frame.
A photo captured while pouring the watercolors.

Art Description

Installation: Glass, Watercolor, Ink on Other, Paper.

Duality is the embodiment of two forces that dance and push against one another, yet work together. Like the rigid shards of glass and the organic shapes of the watercolor, the theme of this painting exemplifies the character of the materials and the order of nature.

Each of Loclyn's artworks are molded through the polarity of friction and flow.

Dozens of panes of glass are smashed by a hammer to get each unique shard, then they are painstakingly fitted together to create a shape that tells a story.
Watercolors and inks are then mixed and poured through the cracks in the glass and allowed to flow and create whatever pattern they please. Once dry, the glass is sealed shut and glued to the board.



Duality - Broken Glass III

Loclyn Torres

United States


Size: 12 W x 9 H x 1 in

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