Strategiile reducţioniste ale abstracţiei Installation by Burhan Marius

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Art Description

Installation: Paint, Plastic, Steel, Oil on Wood, Other.

Based on our previous visual researches and the today's cultural dimension, the project we propose involves the reconstruction of a space with the help of objects/ installations, in a situation of public impact.
The magnitude of this incursion is determined by the conceptual plurality of the object: by both the adequate visual affirmation of an artistic intention by the means of the multiple landmarks, and as the practices and forms of manifestation in all the artistic evolution of the project.
The present visual research takes into consideration the integration of technology and science in the process of artistic object creation and allows the creation of a multitude of architecturally integrated scenographies.



Strategiile reducţioniste ale abstracţiei

Burhan Marius



Size: 15.7 W x 13.8 H x 9.8 in

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