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Art Description

Installation: Woodcut, Paint, Resin, Wood and Engraving on Wood, Other and Iron.

TETANO is the new project by Woodman Longboards in collaboration with Howler Monkey. The TETANO cruiser holds a meaning, wants to communicate the discomfort and anguish resulting from the massive use of digital and social networks of our time. TETANO is the Italian translation of Tetanus, a serious bacterial disease that affects your nervous system, leading to painful muscle contractions, particularly of your jaw and neck muscles. Tetanus can interfere with your ability to breathe and can threaten your life. There's no cure for tetanus. Treatment focuses on managing complications until the effects of the tetanus toxin resolve.
This object is our way of expressing social unease, commonly called FOMO (Fear of missing out): the recent psychological syndrome characterized by anxiety, depression, fear and anguish of social exclusion and by the fear of losing something memorable. Such feelings cause a considerable increase in compulsive addiction from social networks to cope with this exclusive angst. The TETANO cruiser was designed with the intention of creating an object dedicated to this type of discomfort and at the same time wants to propose itself as an antidote to it. Skateboarding as an icon of leisure, exploration, and direct contact with the road and the real world. The oxidized and rusty finish represents neglect and loss of real life, which lies outside smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Keywords: Oxidation, Laser Engrave, Powder, Rust, Tetano, Wood, Skateboard Deck, Copper, Abstract Effect, Iron, Bamboo, Always Different

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco, Street Art, Realism

Mediums: Woodcut, Paint, Resin, Wood, Engraving

Materials: Wood, Other, Iron

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