Being Human Painting by Chris Armfield

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Color, Manipulated, 3D Sculpting, Engraving on Cardboard, Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood, Other.

Inspired by the statement, "It's okay for birds to fly over your head but don't let them build a nest in your hair."

Being Human is a highly textured multimedia "tell all" composition. Devastating changes in Chris's life drew "birds to his head" – worry, fear and anxiety. A blindsiding divorce, 20 year career change, turning 40, only seeing his children 50% of the time, death of 25 year mentor, disappointing religious experiences and excruciating other losses weave into this masterpiece. "This is my Magnum Opus to date" Chris says. "I spent the most time emotionally and practically on this piece than I ever have on any piece of art."

The textures, made up of over 15 unique materials, are soft, rough, jagged, smooth, life like and surreal. Every installation has deep emotional value from the rainbow prism representing peace of mind from heart to head to the face made of pieces of wood due to the artist feeling like he was used as a puppet for social ideals. The forehead is an exposed brain concept to express the artist's attempt to be completely exposed and vulnerable. The middle eastern iconic rays of light coming from the head is a tongue in cheek message of him being called a saint yet feeling like a screw up.

Being Human is a gut wrenching piece of art for this artist. It is a devastating culmination of 40 years of life, values and investments that were lost.


Being Human

Chris Armfield

United States


Size: 50 W x 62 H x 6 in

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