Black cow


Size: 40 H x 55 W x 3 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Gesso, Metal, Woodcut and Wood on Wood and Other.

The work "Black cow" is performed on a wooden board. In this work mixed painting and sculpture.

Levkas was a particular type of chalk priming used in medieval iconography. The term was later borrowed to name a modern technique of pictorial art which combines the features of painting and sculpture (it is worth noting that levkas can be recognized by its quite ascetic and muted color palette; it is often painted with tempera). Levkas gives an opportunity to work simultaneously on multiple surfaces – in addition to painting proper, it involves scratching through to the lower layers of paint, to the priming.
Levkas naturally fits the overall creative work of Mykola Zhuravel. The most “difficult” aspect of this technique – its monochrome coloring – is the artist’s major inspiration. The images created on the surface of his paintings belong to infinity… Their origins might be traced to primitive art or to children’s drawings scratched on walls.
The levkas of Mykola Zhuravel represents a game where the “elevated and significant” exists side by side with its own ironic reflection.

Keywords: Black, Wood, Bull, Levkas, Gesso, Cow

Subjects: Cows

Styles: Abstract, Fine Art, Modern, Surrealism, Conceptual

Mediums: Oil, Gesso, Metal, Woodcut, Wood

Materials: Wood, Other

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