Etna - 7


Size: 19.7 H x 19.7 W x 0.6 in

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Painting: Oil on Canvas.

The sea is a synonym of infinity, Time, Eternity; premature, chaos, the creation of the World; mighty power; the depths, the abyss, the depth, indifference, and destruction; the eternal giver and eternal thief; eternal variability and at the same time — invariance of a mystery, and no one neschatnogo mestnogo wealth, the Treasury, the altar, the source and beginning of life and death, life energy, great Grand-Mother of liberty, which cannot be used for real, the possibility of ascension to God; the purification, and at the same time, sewage. Memory and at the same time full of forgetfulness, loneliness, rebellion, return to the Fatherland... the Ocean — according to Greek mythology, a river that wraps round the flat earth inhabited by people and animals; which also separates the Earth from the Sky. In this river the Sun sinks every night, to morning again emerge from the water. Over the ocean on the West there is a country Cimmeria, dominated by the "Cimmerian darkness" ("the Odyssey" by Homer). According to the "Theogony" of Hesiod", Okeanos was the son of the God Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth), the husband of Titanide of Thetis, the father of the spirits of the 3000 — and 4000 flows of oceanid (ocean nymphs). When in the sky the Moon appeared, she became the Mediatrix between earth and the Stars. In the Bible the sea is what is left from primateria after the creation of the World, formless and boundless, always restless and prone to disturbance. It is treated by Yahweh: "Who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, came out from the womb, when I made the cloud the garment, and thick darkness a swaddlingband for it. And brake up for it My definition, and put locks and gates, and said, "this far you may come and no farther; and here the proud waves thee" (job 38: 8-11). Also in the other cosmologies of the East gods tried to calm sea, menacing even for them. The Babylonian goddess Tiamat (the Sea) — the mother of all other gods, but occasionally subject to them. In the apocalyptic visions of a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21: 1) there is no place for the rebellious sea of spaciousness. Yahweh parted the Red sea, going to skip on dry ground from Egypt, the Jews (Exodus 14: 21-22). "And He arose, rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm" (Mark 4: 39). Neptune (Poseidon) he pacified the raging waves with the words: "I won!" ("Aeneid" Of Virgil). Sea — permanent dynamic strength, continuous movement, constant change of images, life and death. The poem: "the Sea is bread and death, the fruits and the death of"... "for there is No sea, nothing much to break a man, even the strongest" ("the Odyssey" by Homer). Sea — fertility. And at the same time — infertility. Ancient Greeks and Romans brought the sea as a sacrifice of oxen, as a symbol of fertility. They always say: "what the sea will swallow, we will not return..." Sea — woman, the mother that gives life and at the same time severe; giving birth to the Sun. To return to the sea, in the sea — to go back into his mother's womb, i.e. to die. Great mother, great goddess, like the Egyptian ISIS; as the Babylonian Ishtar, "the lady of the water", "sea stars", "the Queen of the seas". In essence, Anadiomene Aphrodite (Born from the sea), although it was considered to be the goddess of love and beauty, but she also was the patroness of the islanders, sailors, fishermen of the coasts -- And she made sacrifices, asking the bounty from the sea. In Christian symbolism the mother of God and became known as "Mari magno," i.e. "the Great sea". "It's nice to watch from the shore to work the sailor in a stormy sea" — Cicero quoted Themistocles, in his "Epistle in the attic". Not in vain the Doges — the rulers of the Venetian Republic was organized the ceremony of "betrothal with the sea", when on Board the galley "Bucentaur" in the waves of the Adriatic threw a precious ring. The depth of the sea. "Deep-sea alike — during the silence, and in the time of storm" (D. Donne, the English poet). Color sea blue, green, turquoise, blue, steel grey, sapphire, dark red, like wine (Homer). Sea — human life. "Wave, this Ministry, chores, surviving fisherman, the soul of the human, production — happiness, and the grid is our dreams and calculations" (G. Malinowski). Sea of memory and forgetfulness. The sea is a constant reminder to return to their Homeland. When ten thousand Greek mercenaries-soldiers returned from the campaign in Persia, and the vanguard climbed to the top of mount Tahos, he saw the sea, he reported to the rest of the soldiers. And the legend has preserved the information that all ten thousand simultaneously exclaimed: "the Sea! The sea!" This was written by Xenophon in his "Anabasis". Smile the sea. "Smiles of the sea waves incalculable" ("Prometheus in chains" by Aeschylus). "Sea goat" is the unicorn. "Sea serpent" is a constellation called Hydra. Sea urchin — sea benthic animal. His armour is laid at the headstones of the graves as a solar attribute — probably because of the spines-rays. In divination through dreams: tranquil sea — fortunately; the rumbling is bad luck. In the art of the sea is portrayed at all times very widely. In ancient times — through sculptures of gods, goddesses and heroes.

Ты отдохнешь в объятиях моих,
От бездорожья и изгнаний.
Я растворюсь в объятиях твоих,
Забыв путь ожиданий.

Забудешь боль опавших крыл,
Жестокость битв и кровь познаний,
Испьешь ты жизни эликсир,
Чтоб воспарить над мирозданием.

Я обернусь голубкой белой,
Воркуя песню бытия.
И музыка излечит время,
Вселенной вечное дитя.

Мы шли к друг другу от начала,
Веков мгновений, зыбких звезд.
И лишь по сердцу путь узнали,
В сад нежных, белых, хрупких роз.


Keywords: Pointillism, Rock, Sea, Seascape, Blue, Volcano, Italy, Sicily, Impressionism, Landscape, Nature

Subjects: Landscape

Styles: Art Deco, Expressionism, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionism

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Prints: Landscape Art Prints, Art Deco Art Prints, Expressionism Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Impressionism Art Prints, Oil Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints

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