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Size: 30 H x 40 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Pastel on Canvas.

A woman is free floating in her unique expression. This piece is for my grandmother. It has been the hardest piece that I have ever experienced that needed release and, yet, I feel the most peace in viewing.

I loved, and still love, her more than words can express. She taught me the value of kindness, of simplicity, of heart-felt work...of love. She had very different beliefs from me, yet we understood one another on such profound levels that when she passed I felt a piece of me die with her. She accepted me, loved me, cherished and believed in me, supported me and I never told her, in simple words, that she was a part of my soul, my reason for being here.

Mothers, we don't really tell them on a fundamental level what they truly mean to us, at least I didn't. I remember walking down the street to spend the afternoon with her - I grew up in a small town and she lived down the same block. We simply enjoyed being in each other's physical presence without the need to actually do anything, it was about the heart connection. To me, that is true, unconditional love. Profound. I miss those days when people truly connected with their hearts instead of what I encounter more and more today, which is a text message or a post on my Facebook wall but no connection in physical reality - technology connects us at greater speeds, however, it is numbing simultaneously. Call me old fashioned; but, I prefer a good rocking chair and an amazing, honest companion to champion in the night after a day of giving it my all.

It's been just over 4 months now since she has passed and I am only now able to express, heartfully, what sharing my life with her has meant. Being an artist isn't necessarily an easy road. She has always been a light, a supporting voice urging and encouraging my growth. She knew from the simple tone in my voice when life was challenging or was beautiful by simply asking me if I was painting. She really saw me for who I uniquely am - not what I've tried to pretend to be at different phases of my life. Still allowing me my own time in coming to understand a simple truth: no matter how much money one has, no matter how many possessions one may acquire, or the many places visited throughout the world - the greatest journey one can ever travel is the one leading them to their own internal authenticity.

"Forever Young" is about honoring yourself, how you really feel, stepping into the elation of life that surrounds you and is waiting for you once you finally embrace the authenticity of your uniqueness.

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Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract

Mediums: Pastel

Materials: Canvas

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