Mark - Water Flames

Size: 60 H x 46 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Nihonga, Gold and Vermillion on Paper.

Water Flames series depict the way in which flames not only consumes, but ultimately sanctify. These works recall the visual language of the apocalyptic, moody paintings of the American artist Mark Rothko (1903-1970) - using Japanese vermillion, gold, platinum powders and cochineal (made from India's dye made from an cochineal insect). The work moves our gaze upward, even as we stand in the ever-expanding Ground Zero conditions of the world.

The print or the canvas image is unsigned, and for contractual reasons cannot be signed, but this popular image is made available at an affordable price.

Keywords: Religious, Vermillion, Nihonga, Rothko, Fujimura, Illuminations, Makoto Fujimura, Four Holy Gospels, Museum Of The Bible

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Fine Art, Modern, Expressionism

Mediums: Nihonga, Gold, Vermillion

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