Pteroped Hygravas Painting by Michael Nauert

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Pteroped Hygravas

Michael Nauert

United States


Size: 12 W x 16 H x 1 in

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Featured in Rising Stars

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Artist featured in a collection

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Featured in the Catalog

Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

This work is a part of my Others series. The ideas behind the Others branches off from The Forest series. The Others become a metaphor for the state of alterity within humanity, acting as guardians to the unknown. One reason for the myths of others, whether extra terrestrials, Icelandic trolls, zombies, or monsters in general may be to process the (potentially safe) unknown that we may fear. On one hand, the other can become an excuse, a concern of our safety, keeping us from wandering into uncharted terrain. On the other hand, society often uses others as a way to live vicariously. They become an avatar to prompt the imagination into the unexplored, initiating areas of hidden understanding. This is uncovered in the latin version of monster - monstrare - meaning to show, reveal, point out, advise, teach.

In the Others paint is handled in an expressionistic intuitive way to construct an abstract figural form. Each mark is an improvised reaction to the proceeding marks. These anthropoids compare to a gravitation pull targeting the nature-ish world around them, curating various paint marks that might resemble flora of leaves, flowers, or branches, or maybe more geological formations of sand, minerals, and rock — all commingled in large, colorful brushstrokes sweeping through the air, collecting other vegetation/paint suspended in its reach. Again the limbo state of abstract paint and representation creates a sense of the familiar that never quite lands into place, leaving the viewer to ponder what the figure or the paint pile is. The viewer must treck through their imagination to put this figure together. In the process I hope the figure shows, reveals, points out, advises, and teaches.





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