The Mask of Pakal Painting by Andreas Garbe

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Wood, Found Objects on Canvas.

This painting, which was created in a mixed technique of oil and acrylic painting, is inspired by the mask of the Mayan king Pakal. I travelled through Yucatan in Mexico in 2008 and since then topics of the Mayan culture have been the subject of my work time and again. Palenque, a beautiful city in the middle of the rainforest, was one of the most impressive ancient sites I encountered on this journey. Pakal was the most important ruler of Palenque, which led the city to its greatest prosperity during the classical period in the 7th century. The impressive death mask made of jade can be seen in the museum near the excavation sites of the old Mayan city of Palenque.

The mask itself was applied in a multi-layered glaze with oil paints, while the solid, relief-like background was built up in a mixed technique based on acrylic paint. For this purpose, numerous additional different materials were used, which give the surface a naturally grown, almost organic-looking structure.

The illustrated frame, which is made of high-quality solid wood, is included in the scope of delivery.



The Mask of Pakal

Andreas Garbe



Size: 25 W x 33 H x 2 in

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