the final Painting by Bert Eelen

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Me standing kind of silly next to one of my paintings in CC de Borre,bierbeek. picture by Noor Eelen
Me a few week prior to the exibition at a friends place in Boutrersem (BE) Thanks Andy ! I made this work during the same session in november

Art Description

Painting: Ink, Gouache on Paper.

One shot painting with my Chinese Heave-weight brush. Finished with red gouache.

3 questions & answers about my work:

??What/who inspired the work?

>> I love the work of some traditional Chinese artists like Xu Beihong (please look him up f you're not familiar with his work). You can see that he moves very quickly over a paper while adding greys for nuances.
I'm also a big fan of the work of French artist Fabienne Verdier. She makes very wonderful paintings with a lot of force in the brush (also look her up if you're familiar with her work)
I also use a lot of Chinese brushes and they come in all sizes. This work is inspired by one of my tools. I work with a very big brush which takes in a lot of ink. This makes it difficult to draw, unless you can work fast a precise. That is what I'm trying to do. Some times it works out nice; like in this one.

?? What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
>> It's nice to see that everybody can 'read' this art. They are like traffic-signs. Very direct, for everybody understandable and loud. People may think:
Is he looking at me ? Why is he looking at me ? Is it a He or a She ? He keeps staring at me. Why me man ? Look at the lady next to me here, or that guy there ->

?? Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?
>> The style is inspired by Chinese characters so I use a lot of Chinese Ink. I have added a warm red gouache because it felt right.


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the final

Bert Eelen



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