A Room with a View - Strange Love - Limited Edition of 5 Photograph by Stefanie Schneider

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Art Description

Photography: Polaroid, Color, C-type, Photo on Other.

'A Room with a View' (Strange Love), 2010, 20x20cm,
Edition 1/5, digital C-Print, based on a Polaroid, sgnature label and certificate, artist Inventory No. 6147.01, not mounted.

“I never remember the details of a Stefanie Schneider image, just the whole. She treads a third path between reality and dream that connects the two and truly sparks my artistic, visual freedom.” (Marc Forster)

Shown is a piece of Stefanie Schneider's project 'Strange Love' the sub story of 29 Palms, CA

Love, lost and unrequited leaves its mark in our lives as a senseless pain that has no place in the present. The ex lover experiences the residues of love as an amputee experiences the sensation of a ghost limb. It is the tangible experience of “absence” that has inspired this piece. And it is using the nuances of memory and imagination that I have chosen to explore my relationships with my lover, as he represented himself, as I experienced him and as he was experienced by others...

'strange love' is based on the story of Lance (The Smoke Jumper), Eva (alias Fia) und Stefanie (alias Stella, alias Stevie) who were entangled in a ménage à trois. The project relates to real time events and reflects on love, sexuality, communication between men and women, and perception. The story has been reenacted, reinvented, rendered independently.

strange_love_2004 has been developed parallel to 29 Palms, CA.

Fragments, perceptions, memories, images, words, emotions, visions overlap, comment and outrun each other, become history while still happening, leave at the same time transient and fixed documents: photographs, films, paintings, text. Someone is not there and therefore even more about.
(Maja Maria Liebau, theater critic)

Due to the steady change of perspectives - realities, illusions, dreams on different time lines, the question of truth is impossible to answer. Reality is profoundly subjective and the search for personal happiness is a steady (manic) interpretation of one’s own truth.

Both projects are shown and exhibited together. Both presentations relate to each other. Several exhibitions and publications are accompanying the project to show the different perspectives and interpretations of “truth” and it's fragmentation [ the process of shattering or breaking up into fragments ].

In the end both projects will be joint: A fictitious conclusion about love.



A Room with a View - Strange Love - Limited Edition of 5

Stefanie Schneider



Size: 7.9 W x 7.9 H x 0.1 in

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