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Art Description

Photography: Color, Digital, Video Screeen Capture, New Media, Social Media on Paper.

The value of "interpretation" is that through it, one might expose reality, or explain oneself. -Ai WeiWei

Who I M Series, 2010 - 2014,
Affective Memory Screen Capture
by Immersionist Chase Alias,
includes Instant Message Conversations.

Signed on front right, #ChaseAlias 2014
Signed on back, D Pollack 2014

It all began while working deep in character as Chase Alias on a series called What We Found on Craigslist...

Please hold while we ask CorporateHippie if he'd like to chat with you.
You are now chatting with CorporateHippie.
CorporateHippie: hey
>> hi
CorporateHippie: good morning
CorporateHippie: :)
>> Mornin
CorporateHippie: hows it going today handsome?
>> im going
>> thats for sure
>> you?
CorporateHippie: having coffee... just walked the dog... figuring out what to do today
>> what tyoe of things do you have in mind to do today?
CorporateHippie: not sure yet. i've been up all night. lol!
>> me too.
CorporateHippie: ah ha ;)
>> what kept you up?
CorporateHippie: was out playing
>> me too
CorporateHippie: lol i figured ;)
>> anything else;)
CorporateHippie: dont want to sleep... bc then my sched will be off
CorporateHippie: i was partying
>> cool
>> moi aussi
CorporateHippie: ?
>> still wanna?
CorporateHippie: sort of.
CorporateHippie: def like getting wild :)
CorporateHippie: need to shower n shave... clean up a bit
>> cool
CorporateHippie: u?
>> same
>> Im at my studio and I gott go home to Wilton.
CorporateHippie: so what r u up to today / later today? u r hot and into w/s pig play... sounds hot :)
>> Im up for later today. Got contact info?
>> Im chaseme.1979@yahoo.com
CorporateHippie: use my cell. 860 866 7967
>> chaseme1979 skype
>> k
CorporateHippie: cell is easist or here
CorporateHippie: harrison is the name here
>> I go by Chase
CorporateHippie: cool.
CorporateHippie: i dont party that often, but when i do...
CorporateHippie: i get a bit crazy with it. def into the wild stuff here
>> I love it to
CorporateHippie: def into pig play, w/s, role play, bb, etc
>> I like all of it w/s is great
>> bb always
>> with pnpo of coarse
CorporateHippie: actually, im into those things without partying... moreso when partying
>> are you neg or poz
CorporateHippie: poz. healthy
CorporateHippie: u?
>> thats cool
>> Neg last time I checked
>> Are you a bottom?
CorporateHippie: vers btm
>> How Vers would you need to be?
CorporateHippie: meaning? i am cool with being oral on you and havng u fukc me
>> Cool
>> Hey
CorporateHippie: yes
>> What would you say to the Idea tha I want you to seed me?
CorporateHippie: if u want it. im cool.
CorporateHippie: i figure i tell u my status. from there u make ur own decisions
>> So if im deciding I finally want it. Give it to me your ok with that?
CorporateHippie: i am
>> I must seem like some kind of Bug Chaser or something
>> But Im not
CorporateHippie: i know the drill
>> The feeling just came over me like
>> How can I know what it's like to go through it
>> I can I know the pain
CorporateHippie: just cause ii fuck u and cum, does not mean ulll get it... especially since i'm undetectible
>> I can our world heal untill enough people have it and everyone else says enough!
CorporateHippie: there is no cure. but its easily manageable
>> I guess I'd be helping the economy then huh?
CorporateHippie: i think u need to think about it.
>> Just another cog in the machine of our great Metropolis!
CorporateHippie: its a crazy world
>> I see that,
CorporateHippie: i would love to hae you over and get wild. we can be safe. thats cool.

Chase Alias' Bugchaser is an Immersionist work. It is as revealing about society as true journalism should. Yet gonzo techniques, method acting and social media become the mediums. The final image a captured moment in time.

Chase is an Immersionist character. Immersionism is a form of gonzo journalism made famous by Hunter S Thompson in his works such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Immersion Journalism or Immersionism is a style of journalism similar to gonzo journalism. In the style, journalists immerse themselves in a situation and with the people involved. The final product tends to focus on the experience, not the writer.

I found that this series of works emerged from the unique natural layering of text and imagery that occurs when you begin to blog, tweet and Facebook your New Media. As you view them your titles and names and peoples comments begin to merge with the work creating a depth and breath to the original mimesis upon which the works are conceived.

The Instant Message Conversations actually occurred as a part of an immersion into the world of online gay hookups. Something that has become so ubiquitous. The wording is placed over one of the images that was used during the online encounter.

Because I work in Character I always shoot video.
The end result is a Video Screen capture.

Digital Res 32 Bit
37 x 23 inches
Limited to a Unique High Quality Print with signature #Chase Alias on front
plus Link to Full Digital File




DS Pollack

United States


Size: 23 W x 37 H x 0 in

Ships in a Crate

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