Everything's (Dis)connected Photograph by Christine Simpson

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, Color, Manipulated, Environmental on Paper.

One of an edition of 10.
I use water in many of my images as a way of communicating the devastating effects of rising sea levels, pollution, melting ice caps etc. It is a primordial element. It is forever changing and its manifestations are infinite. It influences the colour and temperament of my work and its translucency and allows me to draw deeper into nature by creating some images that are split into two separate worlds. I try to create work that not only gives a sense of the external but also gives voice to the internal, that which is not visible on the surface and is unknown.
The images explore, technically the photographic potential of creating surreal melded images from several different shots (sometimes as many as 30 photographs) onto one seamlessly constructed print



Everything's (Dis)connected

Christine Simpson



Size: 40 W x 28 H x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.