Siamese twins - Limited Edition 1 of 5 Photograph by Desdemona Varon

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Art Description

Photography: Acrylic on Other.

This is one of the 11 images projects Enigma Cleopatra
you can see the rest of the work here

Enigma Cleopatra 3013 Written, create, directed and photographed by Desdemona Varon Human beings are not in touch anymore, everything is virtually conveyed. It is the year 3013, individuals are living a life controlled by software, and managed by applications. Love making is a long lost thought and the birth rate is next to zero. Radiation deployed by futuristic “Borg Phones” has started to kill the animal kingdom. Borg&Borg mastermind a new “Super Borg Phone” with application technology to save the world. As prophesied by the company’s founder D. Elvin who is working on the world’s cure, They announce that this application will allow long distance reproduction. However, not everything goes according to plan and the application release day will mark the beginning of the end! The radiation is too powerful and it destroys the Earth. No one survives! Only the Pyramids of Giza and the Coliseum are left standing. Aliens, who originally built the pyramids, Return to earth, shocked by what man has done Upon arrival they are faced with an inconceivable scene: devastation and debris, nothing remains The decision to bring back to life two historical lovers is made. Cleopatra and Marco Antonio.




Siamese twins - Limited Edition 1 of 5

Desdemona Varon

United Kingdom


Size: 35 W x 24 H x 0.9 in

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